TTSH Synthesizer (ARP 2600 Clone) Beta Builder Testing

This video captures a demo of an early ‘beta build’ of the TTSH DIY clone of the ARP 2600 – the Two Thousand Six Hundred project

According to the developers, “The TTSH is the attempt to replicate an old classic semi-modular synthesizer. It will be available as a kit containing PCBs and front panel (Nothing is pre-built).”

The TTSH beta was built by Lesingemonotone.

See The Human Comparator site for more info.

10 thoughts on “TTSH Synthesizer (ARP 2600 Clone) Beta Builder Testing

  1. Want the TTSH so bad. Never imagined I could be this close to owning a 2600. I can’t even watch the whole video without frying my excitement synapses.

    1. Will cost approximately $1000 for the kit and parts (sold separately). The difficult part is, you have to build it yourself or hire someone to build it for you (lots of people willing over on the muff wigglers forum where Zthee, the TTHS creator/maker has been posting the project evolution).

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