11 thoughts on “Korg Volca Bass Synthesizer Review

  1. Great review, as always.
    Why did Korg forget to add the (assumably easy to implement) accent function from the 303 and xoxbox? It’s just as important as the glide function for getting those acid basslines. Can only hope they update the OS to include accent at some point.
    Looks excellent though for the money.

  2. I’ve been waiting for this review – can’t wait to get mine and glad it’s Nick’s favourite.
    Some advice for Nick though; the Star Bar in Glasgow’s Tradeston does a 3 course meal for £3.50.

  3. they will sell like hot cakes, but this time next year when people are bored with them they will be on ebay nearly half the price

  4. Great review Nick. Look forward to have a play with this little beast. At least being able to mute the vcos means you can record and mix them separately.

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