Analogue Solutions Polymath Mega Modular Synthesizer Now Available



Analogue Solutions has announced that its Polymath – its ‘mind-blowing mega-modular synthesizer’ – is now available for pre-order.

The Polymath offers 4x VCO, 2x LFO, Multimode Filter, 2x ADSR, S+H, RM, Noise, Multiples, Spring reverb, Analogue Sequencer, Arpeggiator, 4 chan. MIDI-CV, Mixer, gooseneck lamps, handle, wooden sides and more. 


  • 4 VCOs. Each have Pulse Width, Portamento, Saw wave, Square Wave, CV inputs, CV outputs, Sync. VCO1 has Sub-Osc output too
  • Multimode VCF based on (not a clone) the Oberheim SEM (LPF, BPF, HPF, Notch) with multiple CV control
  • Audio input, to allow processing of external audio (vocals, for example, from your DAW, etc) through the filter
  • 2 LFOs
  • 2 ADSR Envelopes
  • 8 Step Analogue Sequencer with sliders
  • Arpeggiator – with Up, Down, Up/Down modes and Octave range
  • Poly Mode (Paraphonic)
  • Note Trig/ReTrig
  • Unison Mode for mega-fatness
  • Ring Modulation
  • Sample and Hold
  • Noise
  • Multiples
  • Adaptor
  • Spring Reverb – a triple spring Accutronics unit is used.
  • MIDI to CV Converter
  • Mixer
  • Inverter
  • Headphone Amp
  • VCA
  • Real Wood sides made by Lamond Design
  • 2 LED Gooseneck Lamps included
  • Solid steel and aluminium construction
  • Carry handle
  • Includes an assortment of patch cables

The Polymath is priced at ?2899 GBP (exc. VAT and delivery). See the Analogue Solutions site for more information.

10 thoughts on “Analogue Solutions Polymath Mega Modular Synthesizer Now Available

    1. It’s now available for PRE-order. Reservation. The FAQ on the site clearly states that the panel printing was delayed a couple of weeks, which prevents final pix. The pictures on the site are evolutionary pictures, which are cool to see.

  1. This looks stunning and really is a large amount of synthesis on one panel.
    Anyone with an eye for design and ergonomic layout can see this is a serious piece.
    Well done analogue solution, best of luck with this machine.

  2. Its kinda sad that its a great deal comparatively, considering a lotta junk thats well over this price and isnt much of a monster like this. Really, I think I mean to say this looks great and kudos for Being $4k instead of $8K…

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