Audio Damage Eurorack Module Demo Videos

Here’s a quick video demo of the first three Audio DamageĀ Eurorack modules, which were introduced over the weekend.

The audio source is a tape loop on a Nagra III. First, DubJr is demonstrated, then Grainshift, and finally Errorbox.

In the second video, the source is a prototype of th eupcoming AD drum sample module, triggered by an Analog Four. It is played first through Errorbox, then Grainshift, then DubJr.

Information about these effects and where to purchase them at the Audio Damage site.

5 thoughts on “Audio Damage Eurorack Module Demo Videos

  1. I don’t always endorse plugin companies… but when I do, I endorse Audio Damage.

    These look great, but I personally think DubJr is the business. Fuck, I cant even tell how long Ive used DubStation… its pretty much the only delay I use. To have this come to life in hardware format is a dream. Nice job, Randall.

  2. Are these three modules really just the same piece of hardware, but running three different pieces of software?

    Why not have one module that can run several different apps?

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