Cubasis Update Intros Improved Audio Engine & More

cubasisSteinberg has updated Cubasis – its mobile DAW for iPad – to version 1.6, introducing an improved audio engine and more.

Here’s what’s new in Cubasis 1.6:

  • New pristine audio engine with extended sample rates (44.1/48/96kHz) and bit rates (16/24-bit)*
  • Real-time playback of arbitrary audio file formats (44.1/48/96kHz and 16/24/32 bit) independently of the project’s sample rate and bit depth.
  • Up to 24 assignable physical audio outputs
  • Assignable metronome output and pan
  • MIDI Clock latency compensation slider
  • Audio input gain adjustment option for audio interfaces and external microphones

For the complete list of improvements and user reported problems solved, see the Steinberg site.

Steinberg Cubasis is available in the App Store.

If you’ve used Cubasis, let us know what you think of it!

6 thoughts on “Cubasis Update Intros Improved Audio Engine & More

  1. I have genome midi sequencer and beatmaker2, but I took the plunge, hoping for something that would allow me to more easily pull in audio and midi from the various audiobus compatible apps I have. have been quite pleased with it. it’s a good combo of sample manipulator, software synths, midi control, effects, and has great audio bus support. i see in the forum post that automation is next on the TO DO list, which is great news…since it’s something a lot of my ‘cheaper’ apps support.

      1. Wow, it’s crazy how people some have nothing better to do than piss on others opinions…for the sake of pissing. I was a die hard logic user before they were bought by apple…then I found a home in sonar…I just missed logic too much and that prompted me to get the apple stuff…I, personally, haven’t looked back since. Yeah, I am an apple freak…but so what? I love korg and Yamaha too, but am not too keen of roland…should I too go and down vote those who are roland fans? Just go and be happy people…make your music however you like with whatever you like 🙂

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