The Analogue Solutions Polymath Synthesizer


Saturday Synth Porn: Analogue Solutions has shared some new photos of their new Polymath analog ‘mega-modular’ synthesizer.

The Polymath offers 4x VCO, 2x LFO, Multimode Filter, 2x ADSR, S+H, RM, Noise, Multiples, Spring reverb, Analogue Sequencer, Arpeggiator, 4 chan. MIDI-CV, Mixer, gooseneck lamps, handle, wooden sides and more.

Details are available at the Polymath-Synth site.

5 thoughts on “The Analogue Solutions Polymath Synthesizer

  1. Great to see the finished product. A beautiful looking and no doubt fantastic sounding machine. This is some serious British synthesizer.

  2. Looks awesome. Similar concept to the Mono/Poly apparently, in terms of how it creates polyphony. Its pricey enough, double what a monopoly can be had for, so i’ll be interested to hear how it sounds.

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