‘Future-Dripping’ WOW Filterbox Bring Modulation Sex Power To The iPad, Pours Gas On Your Tracks & Sets Them On Fire!

wow-filterbox-ipadSugarBytes has released WOW Filterbox – a filter effect that they say offers ‘a future-dripping user interface, 21 incredible filter types, the famous vowel mode and distortions that cover your tracks with gas and put them on fire.’

They go on to add that “Modulation is power. Power is sex.”

Think their copywriter got just a little carried away? Check out the official demo video and decide for yourself:

iPad Edition Features:

  • XY-Pad to control 6 Parameter simultaneously
  • Integrated Player (iTunes File Sharing, Music Library, Factory Loops)
  • Integrated Recorder (various options: Start/Stop/Sync/Length)
  • Live Modus (Inputs & Outputs selectable)
  • Audiobus Support (Sender & Filter)
  • Audiocopy / Audiopaste
  • Full Midi Support (Virtual, Network, Extern)
  • Midi Clock Sync
  • Jack iOS Support
  • Zoom

You can use WOW Filterbox, aka WOW2, with AudioBus or as an Auria plugin.

WOW Filterbox is available now in the App Store.

If you’ve used WOW Filterbox, let us know if it delivers the modulation sex power – or at least if it ‘covers your tracks with gas and sets them on fire’!



9 thoughts on “‘Future-Dripping’ WOW Filterbox Bring Modulation Sex Power To The iPad, Pours Gas On Your Tracks & Sets Them On Fire!

  1. Yep, love it, it’s awesome, but totally buggy on iPad 3, as well. Sugar bytes has been good about dialing in their releases so I’m not too worried about it, v1 app on a brand new OS and all. 🙂

    1. Except the known bugs (using the buttons under the xy pads can cause a crash, and using the random preset button can also cause a crash), it runs fine on my iPad 2. I’m on iOS 7, tried it both in Audiobus and as stand-alone.

      It sounds amazing and will definitely bring life to a lame bassline (or anything really), great, gritty juicy sound it. But as with Sugar Bytes other apps, everything is super tiny and is a bitch to use. They slapped that double tap to zoom in there, but it’s not really a good solution. Do some proper re-designing on your apps when porting to a touchscreen, please Sugar Bytes.

  2. If you’re experiencing bugginess with WOW 2, leave a comment and let the developers and other readers what sort of problems you’re seeing!

  3. Love the app… premise, hoping, like Turnado, performance fixed in updates. Using iPad3, crashes on occasion Im afraid 🙁 – pretty sure they will sort it out- the iOS audio world is a little crazy during its transitionary stage at the moment.

  4. Great filter, love SugarBytes stuff…but ‘power is sex?’? sounds like the ravings of someone who hasn’t gotten laid for a while and is beginning to construct an elaborate theory as to why.

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