MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio Now More Affordable

mpc-renaissanceAkai Professional has reduced the prices of its flagship MPC Renaissance and slimline MPC Studio controllers by $300 and $200, respectively.

  • Formerly with an estimated street price of $1299, MPC Renaissance will now sell for an estimated street price of $999.
  • MPC Studio, formerly $599, will now sell for an estimated street price of $399.

Akai also has updated the MPC Software to version 1.5, adding a MIDI Control Mode and more.

21 thoughts on “MPC Renaissance & MPC Studio Now More Affordable

  1. Having trouble selling this cheap crap? I am not suprised. Most who have computers already have better systems. What moron would would choose this over Akai stand alone hardware?

    1. Any moron that chooses computer & hardware controller based workflows – a.k.a. the Maschine concept, which seems to be pretty well accepted amongst quite a few music making people.

    2. having trouble affording these type things? i am not surprised. that moron you refer to would be anyone who wants more then 512mb of samples to work with, no need for external media… not to mention plugins… both mixing + synths…

      also, standalone akai units your talking of, are old. and – cost more then this if you can find one in decent shape. (2500xl/3000). or, the current stand alone model, is twice the price, so no surprise if it has roughly 1/2 the ability…

      “most who have computers already have better systems” – i cant decipher this, so i cant rant about it.

      1. 2500xl?
        Yeah you have no idea what you are talking about.
        And obviously have never used the jjos.
        You can get an older or newer mpc for the half of the ren. The only more expensive ones are 60 3000 and 4000.
        Memory limitations are down to the cf cards size.
        You can also find external hd for most of them aswell.
        But keep talking nonsense please. Might drive the real mp prices down more.

  2. Well, NI just revealed Maschine Studio for $999, Maschine ships for $599 and Maschine Mikro (probably the direct competitor to the MPC Studio) sets you back only $349. Akai obviously has understood that competition also means that you need to adapt to changing market situations. And to me it shows that Akai could not yet compete at all with NI’s offerings and their established standing on the market.

  3. Akai would do better if it began to produce the stand alone MPCs again, or at least made the Reinassance usable as a MIDI sequencer of its own.

  4. While I appreciate that Akai pays homage to the MPC line, I think they’ve been resting on their laurels for far too long. Their flagship product shouldn’t be a retro-styled throwback. It should be an interesting blend of new features, bleeding edge tech and the solid build quality Akai is known for.
    Akai needs to be as nimble and innovative now as they were back in 1991.
    The competition isn’t encumbered with this legacy baggage…

    1. … which is exactly what they are trying to achieve with the new MPC concept of marrying controller and computer workflows. Why? Because NI has shown how such a concept can actually work and attract a lot of people.

      Any alternatives to that? I don’t know. Probably, the hardware-only hardliners will always dismiss software users and vice versa. So why bother?

    2. Akai is trying a lot of different things – from iPad MPCs to MIDI controllers to hybrid setups to mpc workstations. They gotta find out what the market wants.

  5. If the software was on par, I’d rather use the renaissance than the maschine studio… But frankly, I’d rather use the regular maschine than either — save the money and the desk space!

  6. If Akai just gave us a new machine , without a sequencer but lods of outputs, that would be stunning.Four audio outs is not enough. My MPC 2500 is stunning enough outs but it is a bit big to take on a plane.
    light weight , loads of outs , to rig up to a midi sequencer.Akais are stunning. Almost 25 years of using them and I wouldn’t use anything else.
    MPX looks great but we need one with 8 outs (please )

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