Micromac-D Analogue Synthesizer Overview

In this video, Macbeth Studio System’s Ken Macbeth demonstrates the capabilities of his three oscillator desktop-sized MacBeth X-Series Micromac-D analogue synthesizer.

In the first video, Macbeth offers an overview of the functionality of the Micromac-D.

In the second video, below, MacBeth demos the Oscillator section, plus a few extras!

via macbethsynthesizers

3 thoughts on “Micromac-D Analogue Synthesizer Overview

  1. If I was modular-minded, I’d be enthusiastic about this one and I’m still impressed by Ken’s work. I would not care to build a wall-of-doom, but a few small powerhouses linked to a few others = major flexibility. I find that funny, because I’m a slab-synther, yet I have a trail of patch cords flapping behind me in life, just like the rest of you! 😀 I kinda like seeing people with a couple of keyboards and a couple of small modulars. Its says they have a grip on the buffet of choices a bit. Here’s a good one.

  2. Yeah! Have been waiting for some instructions for this little beast, it i quite complex when u start exploring it. Just got me some stackcables so now im really evolving with this.
    I hope that Ken will explain the midifunctions in depth, some patch examples would be great too!
    Nice video

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