22 thoughts on “Extrawelt – Breedle (Official Video)

  1. Lets make a meaningless video because we have the technology to do so. When will someone finally do something meaningful and truly great with desktop technology?

    1. Well, other people do this sort of video (including the soundtrack) in realtime without any pre-rendered imagery or sound, but this sort of procedural art is very nicely done nonetheless. No meaning necessary (except maybe the inherent message that you can indeed create art and beauty on a computer, using little else but mathematics from start to finish).

    2. It’s not meaningless; you just have to be into math to fully appreciate it. there are enough videos of little animated people and whatnot if you’re craving something more socially relevant.

      1. I’m in to math, but as they said at the top “This took four months of formula experimentations and over 1000 hours of combined rendering” … with the amount of time used?? WTF!

  2. He’s right. It is meaningless, even if pretty. I enjoyed it for about 20 seconds, then switched to another window and just listened to the rest of the song. Checked a couple times, nothing new. It’s like animated movies… they used to be novel simply because the whole film was animated. Now that has worn off and they have to stand on their own merits as a good story that is well executed. I think the visuals are impressive, but they could have done a little something, like start sparse and ramp up the density over the song, or play with the virtual lighting, or something to add some dynamics and change.

  3. Guys, not everything has to be meaningful. I mean, this is a friggin musicvideo, not a full lentgh feature film or a deep and insightfull documentation about art itselfm, it´s a musicvideo. The purpose of a musicvideo is to accompany the music with nice visauls without stealing to much attention from the music itself. Just because Thriller was a one song musical, not every musicvideo has to tell a story…

  4. very nice work. cool editing! does it all work brilliantly? for the most part yes, although i would have to admit there were a few irritating jumps. but really this is quite inspirational to watch and listen to. is it groundbreaking? perhaps. difficult to say, as so many approaches have already been explored, and yet does it really matter if something is the ‘first’.

    i see a lot of inspiration from a series of LightrhythmVisuals compilation audiovisual dvd’s, in particular, ‘Hidden Partition’.

    anyway cheers for the share, extremely cool vibes.

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