Audio Infuser 4700 Combines Old-School Style, Wireless Streaming


This is a little off-topic, but epic: The Audio Infuser 4700 is a DIY project, created by Todd Kumpf, that’s built to stream music from Wi-Fi devices and play vinyl records.

It features old school wood & steel design, combined with the connectivity and immediacy of wireless technology.

Here’s a video introduction to the Audio Infuser 4700:


  • Raspberry Pi works like an Apple Airplay to stream music over Wi-Fi from your mobile device or computer
  • Parts from a 1978 Yamaha YP-D4 turntable to play vinyl recorsd
  • 5″ vintage CRT hacked into an oscilloscope to visualize waveforms
  • Guts from a 1976 JVC SEA-10 Equalizer to tweak tones
  • Auxiliary RCA audio inputs and outputs
  • Active VU meters

Check it out and let us know what you think of the Audio Infuser 4700!

21 thoughts on “Audio Infuser 4700 Combines Old-School Style, Wireless Streaming

  1. Looks beautiful, the only thing that seems crap is the Apple Mactinosh section. The audio in those devices is less than mp3 is it not when broadcast ?
    Great work though

    1. The only thing that seems crap in your comment is that you think an iPhone is a Macintosh. Clearly you’ve been blindly hating for at least a decade. Time to update some belief systems.

      1. I love people defending Macintosh like they are on the board of directors, rather than end users who are over charged , with red faces after buying endless products that are quickly superceded.

        1. Quickly superceded? Bollocks. My iPod Classic is from 2007 and still works perfectly. My Mac Pro is almost five years old and is still ranked by Geekbench labs as the eighth fastest Mac ever made.

        2. Almost as awesome as rabid Apple-haters posting uninformed diatribes, completely off-topic, betraying the irrationality of their views.

          : )

          1. ADMIN: cancerboy, zendive – please keep your comments on topic and constructive.

            Critical discussion of this post, this DIY project or the technologies used is appropriate, but attacking groups of people is not.

  2. They should take out those pointless mini speakers, use the space for some vintage power stage, pair it to some classy speakers with a little oomph.

  3. I checked out his website and some of his “process” photos, and I found myself wishing this guy was one of my buddies who lived down the street. Lots of us have cool ideas like this, but this is a dude who makes shit happen!

  4. Apples degraded audio signals is very on topic. When we see someone go to great lengths to make such an object , then it will prick our ears , eyes and intellects up. Critical analysis and the reality of apple in the market place will often tread on toes. Democracy allows us critical opinions. The defensive nature we see when apple is slagged off is akin to evangelical christians protecting their ‘god’ . End users are a bloody good laugh , and they go quite when factory working conditions are mentioned. Oh and the fixing of E book pricing. Sorry for not being docile.

    1. The Bluetooth audio in this device is handled by a Raspberry Pi board running Shairport. The program emulates Apple’s popular AirPlay protocol, but has nothing to do with and Apple hardware. The audio is only “degraded” inasmuch as it is most likely encoded using a lossy format such as mp3 or aac.

      Hence, your comment remains completely off-topic.

  5. if you ever do another one, i would take the spekers and put them on each side instead of the tower like design this way it would be slimmer and more rectangle maybe right next to the record player could be a tape deck with the new room. great work again.

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