TF7 A Polyphonic FM Synth That Is ‘Made For Touch’


Tenacious Frog has introduced TF7 – a polyphonic frequency modulation synthesizer that is ‘made for touch’.

Here’s what they have to say about TF7:

Create wonderful music by playing simple shapes using the touch interface and playing these same shapes across the pad. Embellish the shapes to play advanced compositions. Switch to chromatic mode to get the notes that you need.

Break out of your compositional rut by playing visually!

TF7 is free to try, but the in-app ‘Pro’ upgrade adds these features:

  • 7 FM algorithms to tinker with
  • Access to every component in the algorithms
  • 10 pristine effects consisting of Stereo Reverb, Delays, Pitch-shift Delays and more
  • Supports Core-midi compatible keyboards like the Korg Nanokeys 2
  • Works with Audiobus

TF7 is available in the App Store.

If you’ve used TF7, let us know what you think of it!

12 thoughts on “TF7 A Polyphonic FM Synth That Is ‘Made For Touch’

  1. There’s a bug with the settings menu that causes the app to freeze, the dev is aware of it and a fix is on the way.

    Gotta say this is the best sounding FM synth on the AppStore that I’ve heard. Very versatile with 7 very different algorithms with lots of tweaking available to conjure up all kinds of really nice sounding stuff. 10 effects or so available like reverb, stereo delay, pitch shift delay, compressor, EQ, flanger etc to spice it up further. At only 3 bucks it’s a steal. Worth mentioning is that it comes with an additional 100+ presets in the full version. Also, the dev is very responsive and open for suggestions on how to improve/adding things to it, which is always a huge plus. Anyway, well recommended synth and another really nice surprise alongside Arturia and VirSyns releases within just a week.

  2. Couldn’t find any demo vids on their site. The info on the website was a bit sparse. I want to know about custom scales. Also, how many operators does it provide? Does it basically have the same functionality as a DX7? I know it’s only 3 buck to upgrade, but without demo vids, and without much printed info and only a few screens– and a freeze bug, makes it less appealing at the moment.

    Still, there’s only one other FM synth that I know of: DXi– which is pretty cool.

    1. Must be 4 operators, and there are only 7 algorithms.

      Some one, hurry up with pushing the FM synthesis on iPad. I mean no disrespect to this app of course; the pushing of the user interface is obviously very important too, and musical controllability of the patches leads to very interesting sounds to, which can be at least as exciting as more technical features.

      But still, 6 or even more operators would open a ton…million tons of possibilities.

      1. I wonder if Yamaha still holds the patent on FM synthesis and prevents 6-operator FM synthesis from being done by other developers. If that is the case, Yamaha has been sitting on that technology and doing NOTHING with it for TOO LONG. Big Tick’s Rhino does a pretty flexible version of FM, and NI’s FM8. The iPad’s DXi is somewhat limited, but is a great way to learn about how it all works.

        Let’s see if Yamaha can be convinced to develop and release a more modern FM synth with better envelopes (perhaps a la Green Oak Crystal), and a full modulation matrix.

  3. Hi there,

    I would like to add that the listing is a bit inaccurate. The app works with audio bus and hardware keyboards out of the box. Anyway, it’s not allowed to sell audio bus as a IAP.



  4. “Create wonderful music by playing simple shapes using the touch interface and playing these same shapes across the pad”

    Eeeehh…. ok???

  5. It is not bad, update has 39 algos etc, but in my opinion it is not a real fm synthesis synth, probably the truth is sampled sounds being called by program, and the ops, etc are just tricks based on nice interface. I also found it real hard to make any dx7 sound like no matter how real hsrd I tweak with the ops and sound edits. Why????

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