FXpansion Intros Tres Synthesizer Rack Extension


FXpansion has introduced Tres – a DCAM analogue circuit-modelled monosynth Rack Extension from FXpansion.

Here’s the official video intro:

Tres Rack Extension

Tres’s modelled VCOs offer interesting audio-rate functions for complex tones along with filtered noise and a sub-osc. A keytracked shelf-EQ allows you to emphasize or cut higher harmonics before a multimode filter with huge resonance, self-oscillation, FM, adjustable drive and 3 distinct classic synth filter models. Tres’s final output VCA provides a final drive stage for a variety of tonal colours from warm and smooth to gritty and aggressive.

Tres features TransMod modulation and a wide variety of timbral flexibility and tone sculpting.

Most of Tres’s parameters can be modulated simultaneously by any of 10 available modulation sources, including Tres’s built-in dual envelopes and LFOs and external CV sources from elsewhere in your Reason project. You can also route external sources for audio-rate filter FM and use Tres’s built-in envelopes and LFOs to modulate other devices within your session.

Availability & Pricing

Tres is available as a download from the Propellerhead Online Shop for US $49, 39.00 Euro inc VAT where applicable.

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