Buchla Music Easel Now Shipping


The Buchla Music Easel – a modern version of the classic 1973 Music Easel – is now shipping.

These images, via El Estereo, are of a Music Easel that was preordered via Noisebug:

buchla-electric-music-box-close-up buchla-electric-music-box-case buchla-music-easel buchla-the-electric-music-box buchla-electric-music-box-contents buchla-music-music-box buchla-electric-music-box

For more info on the Music Easel, check out Buchla’s description of the original, performance demos and an in-depth Music Easel overview by Todd Barton and our interview with Buchla Electronic Musical Instruments’ Director of Engineering Jeffrey Vallier from this year’s NAMM Show.

via matrixsynth

7 thoughts on “Buchla Music Easel Now Shipping

    1. Its a lot like buying a superior violin, since Buchlas are among the real Stradivarii of synths. You don’t buy one of these or a Serge rack just to fool around on the weekends. There’s a good reason you never see Buchlas on Craigslist.

  1. I tried on out at NAMM and it was great fun, sounds wonderful and very lust inducting. But I have to be practical. At that price you can build a modular system with capabilities far in excess of this instrument.

    I had the same thought when Moog came out with the XL. How many DotCom modules would that buy?

    Bang vs. Buck.? I’ll go with bang everytime.

    1. I partially agree about getting a large modular system. But the few things I always come back to is your buying a beautifully designed fully made instrument that has tone that will out perform a good deal of euro rack. This is not an smt synth. Also you will get expressive results out of an instrument like this that one would never think of or in a lot of cases be able to play on euro rack and especially not dotcom, and I have a dotcom. In contrast to that point it’s perceived limitations will also force you to come up interesting material and solutions which most people would only solve by purchasing more modules.

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