Nord Drum 2 Gets Free Update


Nord has released a free update for the Nord Drum 2 modeling percussion synthesizer.

Here’s what’s new in Nord Drum 2 OS v2.10:

  • FM-Synthesis added to the Tone Section, with 6 different FM-algorithms
  • MIDI CC-control of all parameters
  • A new MIDI Mode that lets you play each channel the Nord Drum 2 in a pitched manner with a MIDI keyboard/sequencer
  • Doubled memory capacity – The memory area has been reorganized into 8 banks with 50 program locations each (400 locations in total).
  • Nord has introduced the Nord Drum 2 Manager for Mac/Win – easily transfer and backup Nord Drum 2 Banks
  • 4 new Filter types in the Noise Section: High Pass 12/24dB, Low Pass 12dB and Band Pass 6dB
  • Improved Hand Clap mode
  • Dynamic Curves for pads and triggers


See the Nord site for details.

4 thoughts on “Nord Drum 2 Gets Free Update

  1. Excellent news!

    This is a fantastic little drum machine but I have been waiting for this, the CC mapping in particular was a glaring omission!

    The inclusion of FM makes me very happy and pitched mode is going to turn this into a pretty decent synth as well! Good work Clavia, much appreciated!

    Looking forward to getting it installed 🙂

  2. Update done… all went smoothly & all working well.

    Very happy with these new features, not had much chance to play yet, but the FM synthesis is bonkers – an inspired addition to an already excellent box!

    All the little extras like higher resolution on parameter settings are very welcome too.

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