Beyond The Theremin

Dutch reader Rene Splinter has been experimenting with a Moog Etherwave Theremin for use in a new composition.

Instead of recording the traditional sound of the theremin, he decided to use it as a starting point for further sonic exploration:

The idea came into my mind to put the Theremin’s audio output through a ring modulator, as I thought it could result into something interesting. For this, I have used the ring modulator module of the Nord MicroModular.

I’ll be using this idea in a forthcoming production that is going to work as a background soundscape at an art exhibition in downtown Rotterdam.

The sounds you here were generated with the Yamaha FS1R, the Waldorf Microwave, the Roland Jupiter-6 and the Moog Etherwave Theremin.

See Splinter’s site for more on his music.

8 thoughts on “Beyond The Theremin

  1. Hey my Theremin is also connected to plenty of guitar pedals, where can I make an exhibition?

    But in all seriousness my favorite pedals to use it with are the POG2 (poly octaver), a WMD Geiger Counter (bitcrusher), the Q-Tron+ and the Tube Zipper (filters).

  2. This guy doesn’t even know basic theremin technique… its embarrassing really. It’s as if he just bought one and messed around with it for half an hour before integrating it with a modular patch and recording the video. At least watch the Theremin training video… so you know how to play it first other than the most basic understanding of how it works!… but nice patch bro (oh and its really not that complicated)

      1. What? how to get a sound found in only every other sci-film ever made? I know ring modulation and theremins are cool, I just wish someone on the off-chance would do something musically interesting with them for once… like maybe play the theremin melodically with the ring modulated carrier and competently?

        1. You seem to have missed the entire point if the video 🙁
          Rene Splinter was not catering to your wishes or even demonstrating playing technique
          but he did explain the idea he had clearly and i did find it interesting
          your comment was childish and non constitutive

  3. If you watch the entire video, he plays some of the end result, and it’s very creative and musical.

    If you want to hear some excellent, more traditional, theremin, search YouTube for Peter Pringle. His stuff is amazing!

  4. Thumbs up for Rene. He got his idea across and it was a good one. It seems natural that he’d use a Nord Modular here. Its a natural partner for experimentation OR very specific goals. I was also amused to see the Yamaha FS1r in his rack. Its formant behaviors would make it a perfect match for a theremin. His is the kind of approach I’d like to hear more of, because playing such as that brings vital humanity to all the loops. Good contrast makes things breathe.

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