GECO Gestural Controller For Leap Motion Updated Adds OSC, CopperLan & More

GECO-MIDIDeveloper Geert Bevin let us know that a new version of GECO is out, adding OSC output with customizable paths as well as full CopperLan output support.

CopperLan is a high-definition next generation music protocol that dramatically facilitates networked device communication and mapping.

With this release, you can now also configure per-axis boundaries with minimal and maximal limits. This allow you to reduce the travel distance if you want to perform smaller gestures and also to create ‘dead zones’ around the center where no data will be sent.

Here’s what’s new in version 1.1 vs the original release:

  • Added gesture axis boundaries that are configurable per document with minimum and maximum limits.
  • Added Channel Pressure (Aftertouch) as a supported MIDI message.
  • Added OSC output through per-gesture configurable channels.
  • Added configurable per-gesture OSC paths.
  • Added CopperLan output through per-gesture configurable channels.
  • Added CopperLan gesture destination learning.
  • Added per-document CopperLan assignments storage.
  • Per-gesture specialized output data rendering for either MIDI, OSC or CopperLan.
  • Experimental support for MacOSX 10.6.8 without any guarantees of stability nor performance since this in not an officially supported platform for the Leap Motion controller.

More information can be found about GECO on the official website.

If you’ve used the GECO + Leap Motion combination, let us know what you think of it!

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