9 thoughts on “U-he DIVA Multisaw vs Roland JP-8080 SuperSaw (Sneak Preview)

  1. Blablablba I can hear coldness of digital versus warmth of analog blablablba aliasing blablablabla (disregarding that both sounds are digital now and in a crappy YouTube lossy format).

    1. Heh. That summed up probably 90% of posts on Synthtopia.
      Then there’s that guy that never posts, but comes here just to down vote every single comment.

  2. That super-saw is one of those beautiful sounds that became semi-obsolete through overuse. It screams RAVE!, which makes it hard to use musically without pigeonholing yourself a bit in people’s minds. I do like Diva, though. Its a bit of a CPU-hog, but it could be your only VA and you wouldn’t want for much.

  3. It only shows one thing. The last true instrumental revolution was the virtual analog era.
    Instruments like the JP and Nordlead are yet unachieved in terms of sonic power and performance capability.
    Quality since 1996!
    Dear Urs. Take on the risk and begin to build instruments. There is enough VST in this world.

  4. I can’t relate to disses very often. For bad builds or bad-faith company behaviors, sure, but not opinions over basic design. Urs creates downright elegant, practical synths that FEEL as if they come from a fan’s hands, which is a major plus. The sound quality is high and his GUIs sit in a nice middle spot for comfort-of-use.

    I’d hate to have to live with just hardware or software. A mix of the two is where its really at. Believe me, a plug-in Mellotron is a huge leap over trying to acquire and maintain the real thing. No disrespect to those who play the real thing, but it is. As rocky as its been at times, I feel good about even the problems I’ve had. They led me to being able to shape a rig I can really enjoy, with no meaningful compromises. These aren’t major life issues, they’re First World problems! 😛 I have five pipe organs in a desktop device that weighs under 20 pounds. How can you not be giddy over something that wild?

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