The MicroWasp – The Love Child Of A Korg MicroKorg And An EDP Wasp Synthesizer

Saturday Synth Porn: If a Korg Microkorg went back to the 70’s to make sweet love with a EDP Wasp synth, the MicroWasp, above, might be their love child.


The MicroWasp is a Korg MicroKorg, pimped out by Customized Synths in the style of a vintage EDP Wasp. The MicroKorg has been customized with a black & yellow color scheme, stained matching black wooden side caps, color-coded keys & control knob.

Here are a few more images that show details of the work:

microwasp microwasp-synthesizer microwasp-synth

The MicroWasp is currently listed on eBay.

It seems that the MicroKorg must get around a bit, because its last love child was this ‘MicroMoorg’:


via Customized Synths

9 thoughts on “The MicroWasp – The Love Child Of A Korg MicroKorg And An EDP Wasp Synthesizer

  1. Seems to me that the Korg Microkorg just went back to the 70?s to stole the EDP Wasp synth outfit. It will be awesome if Customized Synths inseminates the MicroWasp with the Wasp filter….don’t you think?

  2. interesting morph. However, I have played with several Korgs, and have to say, although I try, I do not like the sound. Too dirty and noisy, to my taste.

    1. Try the microkorg XL or the radias. I’d like to see some mods of the radias…

      This is a cool mod i like it more than the red and black that korg did.

  3. I bought a second microkorg to mod, and mod I did. I cut off the keyboard section (sort of like the micromorg) but left the keyboard/wheels disconnected; bought the blue LED kit from ebay, and did that (what a PITA). Right now it’s on a custom made lego stand at a 45° angle, acting as a synth module.

  4. …don’t understand why people bought so many micro korg… Exept for the vocoder and the price.
    The sound is super linear…. Wiithout expression even if you preamping. (I m a bit hard 🙂
    The presets are boring!
    The keyboard is… Grrrr
    Don,t give the envy to tweak it in it slowy edition mode. I prefer a waldorf.
    Anyway if you re searching a synth to do boring uncreative music, it s the… synth.
    So cool to see a micro korg on stage.

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