Audulus Update Lets You Sync Patches Wirelessly Via ‘The Cloud’

Developer Taylor Holliday has released Audulus 2.4 for iPad and Mac – an update to the software modular that lets you sync your patches wirelessly via ‘the cloud’.

The update adds support for iCloud. You put together an awesome modular patch in Audulus on your iPad and it syncs wirelessly to iCloud. When you’re back at your computer and open up Audulus, your patches from iCloud are available.

“Audulus is the only synth I know of that syncs patches via iCloud,” comments Holliday.

Audulus, a minimalist modular software synthesizer and effects processor, allows users to build synthesizers, design new sounds, or process audio with low latency, real-time processing suitable for live performance.

Audulus for iPad can be used as a stand-alone instrument, or in conjunction with Audulus for Mac, for a round-trip workflow between platforms.

Syncing via a ‘cloud-based’ web service is relatively new for music apps, so we’d be interested in any reader thoughts how this works with Audulus – and how you’d like to see this work in general.

Pricing and Availability.

Audulus for iPad is available via the App Store for $14.99, and Audulus for Mac is at the Mac App Store for $29.99.

For more information, visit the Audulus website.

7 thoughts on “Audulus Update Lets You Sync Patches Wirelessly Via ‘The Cloud’

    1. Yes – makes me wonder why more developers don’t do this.

      Offering a iPad version and a desktop version makes a lot of sense, and making them work together easily is even better.

  1. Woah, looks like Taylor just let it drop that Audulus will be coming out for iPhone soon! I’ve been getting a lot of good work done with Audulus in Logic on my old mac pro, but haven’t made the jump to get a tablet yet. However, if I can run it on my phone…. just SYNC of the possibilities! (sorry, that’s how I roll with puns)

  2. Good application . Good luck trying to answer thier anti bot questions to sign up for their forums etc. I will only spend so much time celebrating someone’s cleverness. when it get’s in the way of productivity

  3. Of course people who write stupid things in a fit of picque should apologize as I do now. I still hate bot questions but I was rude. I am sorry.

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