8 thoughts on “Intense Presets For Waldorf Nave Synthesizer

    1. You’re being very silly, shitface. Wavetable synthesis is one of the technologies that does not inherently benefit from a hardware environment, and Nave is a very good wavetable synthesizer. While the DACs in a professional module/keyboard may be better than the iPad’s, there are several ways to access the sounds created in an iOS app from your DAW (or, if your audio interface is class-compliant, you can just use the camera connection kit). A Virus will run you as much or more than an iPad and a few apps, with very comparable sound and less flexibility.

      Also, all of those waveforms you mention are available as VCOs and routable LFOs in Nave.

      1. There are some pretty decent FM synths for iOS, but it’s one area that could definitely use some killer apps. TF7 synth is worth a try; it’s free with an IAP upgrade that’s only a couple of quid.

  1. Instructions read :
    To upload the bank in to your iOS synthesizer, please press and hold a little bit more on the attached Alba Ecstasy.navebank file and then open it in your NAVE iOS synth (a pop-up window will open).

    But no Nave pop up window does open….it does not work

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