Standuino 2 pi Whitenoise Edition


Standuino has introduced the second edition of the pi synthesizer.

2 pi has an improved sound engine, rising the bit depth from 8 to 14 bits using PWM and eliminating the 16kHz carrier frequency; new synthesis types; and whitenoise wavetable in the whitenoise edition.

The clock sequencer also now several patterns that are randomly selected by new side button. 2 pi also includes a 100% natural wool felt case and golden patching nails.

Here are a couple of demos of the Standuino 2 pi in action:

The Standuino 2 pi whitenoise edition is available in a limited edition of 50 for 170 Euro.

See the Standuino site for more information.

via Vaclav Pelousek

5 thoughts on “Standuino 2 pi Whitenoise Edition

  1. This is all very nice, looks cool, etc but come on, 170 quid. Will yeah go on outta that. 170 quid. I don’t care if its a limited edition of 1. That´s taking the pi–

    1. I like the design :). I mean: Moogs and other full-blown synths are meant for melodies etc. But the 2 pi seems to be especially interesting for drone / noise music. And many people I know there are quite happy to see unusual designs with industrial appeal..

  2. I don’t like the design and the price even less (I think it’s justifiable, I just can’t justify the purchase for myself, unfortunately), I love the sounds it makes. I really want one. Hell, I’m even considering buying one, though I know I shouldn’t.

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