Maschine Studio & Maschine 2.0 Review

In this video, Gaz Williams takes a deep look at the just-released Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0:

With two new AMOLED screens and a more integrated control surface, Maschine Studio is now the flagship hardware in the range, with a major software upgrade in V 2.0 which also is compatible with the existing Maschine Hardware, there’s a lot to digest.

Check it out and let us know what you think of Maschine Studio and Maschine 2.0!

via sonicstate

11 thoughts on “Maschine Studio & Maschine 2.0 Review

    1. Be happy, I bought Kore 2 a month before they discontinued it! You are on an active platform and get a lot of new stuff for 99 bucks.

      1. I bought my ipad1 less than a year before support and IOS updates stopped, funny how nobody complains when Apple does it (except me of course).

        I would gladly pay 99$ to get a “lite” version of IOS7 stripped of its useless GUI animations that would let me use recent apps on my ipad1, actually I would be able to buy new apps again with such an update.

  1. Looks cool, but having to pony up an additional 99 euros, when I already dropped £500 on a Machine unit just last year leaves an incredibly bitter taste in my mouth.

  2. I got Maschine (mk1) the week it came out like four years ago, so it doesn’t sting over here…I’m just glad that 2.0 supports the old hardware….but I’d be SUPER annoyed if I bought it a month ago. Sorry man. They really should do a free/discounted upgrade if you bought within the last 3-6 months or so.

  3. Love Sonic State’s review videos. But I have to admit, compared to Nick’s rather calm demeanor, Gaz seems a bit jumpy about the things he presents 😀 Not a bad thing, of course – just different.

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