Intellijel Metropolis Step Sequencer In Action

Saturday Synth Porn: This video, via , is ostensibly another sneak preview of the upcoming Intellijel Metropolis, but it’s also an unadulterated explosion of hot Euro monster synth blinkenlights action. 

Technical details:

Simple sequence with Intellijel’s Metropolis showcasing the aux in used to change the root of the scale via sequenced Pressure Points. Pitch is routed through ALM Beast’s Chalkboard and octaves are switched manually.
Cwejman VCO-2RM
Cwejman DMF-2
Modcan Dual Delay
Intellijel Dubmix and Aux Expander
Lexicon 224

8 thoughts on “Intellijel Metropolis Step Sequencer In Action

  1. A lot more than just a sequencer going on here (filters and effects). But beautifully shot and recorded. WANT THIS NOW!
    Would love to see a hands-on demo.

  2. Thousands of dollars spend on modules used to generate a hardly musical sequence.

    No offense, but this sounded like an average +ZETA patch. And Zeta is much less expensive.

    I mean, why spend so much money on modules just to make noise or stuff that hardly sounds like music?

    1. You probably don’t realise that what sounds like music, is what you think sounds like music, for you that is. Music is conventional and this is stretching the borders my friend.

    2. Agreed, but you know, as well as everyone else, there are the purist out there that
      will always feel that stuff like this is the end-all, be-all and nothing else comes close.
      I have scoured the web/youtube looking for that elusive demonstration that will
      convince me to get into modular synthesis/sequencing but has been unsuccessful
      to this point in being impressed.

      1. I used to do the same. Then I realised that modular synthesis could just be something that I could not really wrap my head around. Something that is intuitive, yet surprising.My modular is an instrument I will never master and that keeps playing me as much as I’m playing the instrument, but it is a great source of inspiration. Sometimes tonal music is just not what I’m looking for in a composition and it gets me started, every single time…

    3. “This sounded like an average +ZETA patch. And Zeta is much less expensive.”

      Since this was a demo of the Intellijel Metropolis Step Sequencer, your comment is completely irrelevant.

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