Moments Lost – Music And Art Inspired By Blade Runner


Organizers have announced a new project, Moments Lost, to produce music and art, inspired by the world of Blade Runner.

Here’s a video intro to the project:

Here’s what they have to say about Moments Lost:

We’re approaching the creation of the music with a rig similar to Vangelis’ original setup, of course including the Yamaha CS80, Roland VP-330 strings and Rhodes. On this track we also used the Prophet 5, Jupiter 4 and Analogue Solutions Vostok mk1. The working methods are also inspired by Vangelis, using a live and direct approach to capture the energy and feel of the original recordings where everything is played by hand. No midi is or will be used, only analog sequencers will be used.

Together with a professional writer we’re creating new small stories, called moments, that will be the themes for the music, and to please the eyes we’re working with illustrators Kilian Eng and HR-FM for the creation of the album art.

Here’s the first track created for the project:

You can find out more about Moments Lost at the project site.

via Jacob Watters

6 thoughts on “Moments Lost – Music And Art Inspired By Blade Runner

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I hope that they get the funding that they need. I am looking forward to hearing the music and putting the artwork on the wall in my studio 🙂

    1. I think that part of the point of the project is to see the lost moments interpreted by various artists, not just one person. But if your artwork is really that good, then you should submit it to the project. They are looking for artists to contribute. More info on that is on their website

  2. It’s a nice idea, if somewhat odd. It’s basically a BR ‘soundalike’ album, right?

    That being said it sounds good, so I’d like to hear more, however I’m not convinced the €25,000 is achievable. That’s a hell of a lot of money to raise for something that may be no more than a curiosity.

    €10,000 may have been less risky, however I may throw in my €40 for the vinyl. I’m a Blade Runner fan, so quite like the idea of this as an odd curiosity, but I feel Kuedo’s album ‘Severant’ was a more progressive approach to exploring the Blade Runner sound, rather than replicating (pardon the pun) what Vangelis already did brilliantly.

    Best of luck to them though, although I’m unsure what kind of rich fool would pay 50k for a 15k synth. It would need to be Vangelis’s BR synth to be worth that!

  3. I spent a lot of money for the CD/Vinyl for this, and have yet to hear anything from anyone. Has ANYONE received what they paid for?

    If the producers are reading this, why haven’t you honored what I’ve purchased in good faith?

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