This Is What Happens When You Sneak Into Moog’s Sound Lab And Use All Their Gear

Reader Ron Kurti at it again.

In Kurti’s previous video, he demonstrated what happens when you sneak into an awesome synth store, Switched On, at night and use all their cool gear.

This time, he snuck into the Moog Sound Lab at night and used all their gear to make this video, Nerd’s Ascent 2: Moog.

Everything in this track/video was recorded live at The Moog Sound Lab in Asheville, NC, USA. All the instruments used were Moog. The only exception was the drum MIDI trigger pad.

Here’s the full gear list:

  • Minimoog Voyager
  • MF-107 FreqBox
  • Etherwave Theremin Plus
  • 4 x Slim Phatty Polychain
  • 6 x Slim Phatty Polychain
  • Sub Phatty
  • Minimoog Voyager XL
  • 3 x Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Edition
  • Trap Kat
  • Animoog for iPad

7 thoughts on “This Is What Happens When You Sneak Into Moog’s Sound Lab And Use All Their Gear

    1. Yeah, in the first one he actually broke in to the shop. I think the case is still not settled, not sure why he was allowed to cross state lines. Seems like they should have been clear that this time he didn’t actually commit a crime.

    1. sheesh I guess it’s through daisychaining of moogs. Seems like a really expensive setup that should be able to deliver more interesting results than this – even though the song is neat. There was another video from the labs last year that was waay more interesting.

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