What Is Wolfgang Palm Introducing?


Synth pioneer Wolfgang Palm (wavetable synthesis, the PPG Wave synthesizer, PPG WaveMapper for iOS) is teasing something new on his Facebook page

From the teaser, it’s clear that Palm is going to introduce a new plug in, and that it will run on Macs, if not Mac and Windows PCs. Palm’s only comment at this point is that it is “something modern now”.

Got an idea of what Wolfgang Palm’s new plug-in will be? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

18 thoughts on “What Is Wolfgang Palm Introducing?

  1. Looks like a Wavegenerator AU plug-in. Cool, but I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming Waldorf Nave AU, myself. 🙂

  2. I’d love to see AU versions of his iOS apps.

    They sound great and plugin versions would make them easy to work into desktop workflows.

    1. I see noizynouse point…If you are going to show your product (in this case: Wolfgang Palm). Why to show it over an Apple monitor…You just show your screen shot right?

    1. Well the synth on the blurred out screenshot above is Wolfgang Palms WaveGenerator for iPad (and obviously soon available as an AU /VST plug, judging by it running on Mac).

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