Denormal – Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell

Denormal comes from the album Morphogenic (DiN41) by Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell:

Whilst the eight tracks have all the fluidity and organic feel of analogue synth dominated pieces, they have a shape and form to them that make them fascinating compositions. As well as joining Sirros in the analogue arsenal with his mighty Macbeth M5n, Bessell also provides some very effective and unusual guitar backdrops.

Bakis made extensive use of Serge, Buchla and Oberheim synths in this recording which contribute to the warm and organic soundscapes. Bessell also writes custom software that is employed to great effect in providing unusual and detailed textures through which the incessant, complex rhythms and beats of Sirros rise and fall.

Technical details for the track:

Macbeth M5n, Oberheim Xpander, Korg MS20, ARP Odyssey, Doepfer A-100 / euro, Serge, Buchla 200e Modulars, Oberheim OB8, Waldorf Microwave 1, Korg Electribe ESX, Gibson Les paul, Ableton Live, etc…

via Bakis Sirros

2 thoughts on “Denormal – Parallel Worlds & Dave Bessell

  1. success at creating mundane boomy video game music! another synthesis triumph haha… got to wonder what is going on in the heads of people with all this gear some days

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