What’s Elektron Introducing Nov 23rd?


Elektron is planning a new product introduction for Saturday Nov 23, in Berlin.

Details below. In the meantime, let the speculation begin!


  • Very Special Guest (Kompakt)
  • TM404 – aka Andreas Tilliander (Kontra-Musik)
  • Cascandy (Monaberry)
  • Andre Kronert (Stockholm LTD, Neurotron)


  • Dataline
  • Marlon & Karxman


  • Saturday Nov 23. Doors open at 23:00.


  • Humboldthain (S-bahn Humboldthain)
  • Hochstr. 46
  • 133 57 Berlin
  • Germany

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27 thoughts on “What’s Elektron Introducing Nov 23rd?

  1. A rack mountable, simple analogue synthesizer for less than four hundred euros.
    Thank you so much Electron!!We love you. I have seen the machine and was the first to midi one up.
    It has 300 memory locations and has accent and slide , that replicates the tb 303.

  2. Both Machinedrums have been out of stock at Elektron for a couple of days so I’m guessing it’s related to
    the Machinedrum. I’ve got a good deal of experience with all their machines and I think Elektron makes some interesting stuff but I also think it’s quite a bit overrated and overpriced. Of course this is just my opinion but I feel like there’s a bit too much hype around them. Also, personally I’m kind of turned off by “launch events” and clothing lines and their QC could be quite a bit better for the money you spend. I’ve seen multiple machines shipped with sunken LEDs, sunken/uneven buttons, poor silk screening etc. Anyway, I’m glad a company like them exists but maybe they should put more time and money into QC and less into launch events, movies and clothing lines.

    1. OS of octatrack still in beta when sold prematurely at more than 1000 euro. a few worthy updates but nothing enough to actually “resuscitate” it in what their hype called “performance” sampler (performance? seriously?). OS update practically stopped when analog four came out. (apart for some almost useless stuff and mandatory bug squashing). To say it in “Public Enemy” rhymes… Don’t… don’t… don’t… Don’t Believe the hype!!!

      1. Are you joking? Yeah, I know you aren’t. You might just have trouble keeping more than 4 planned parameter changes in your head at once during a live performance. There is no hardware sequencer or sampler with more live capabilities, hands down. The parameter scene capabilities alone compete with the power of some of the comparable software grooveboxes avail..
        rich the famous musician

        1. Woah let’s be nice. The OT sequencer has a long way to go. For example increasing its capacity to more than 64 steps! Also, the monophonic sample tracks cannot be combined for chords and the midi locks are limited to 4 notes and no midi scenes. You have to admit is incomplete in crucial areas that people want/need to put the money down.

          1. Used the OT for three months and it was like playing in a cage. Can’t do this, can’t do that. Personally I sold it immediately and bought an ipad instead, and turns out it’s not the hype many people say it is. If you want to play music shut off all the rest and just have one or two apps running, I dare say it’s even more stable than the OT or other hardware. Open source project have shown the world that more users a software/hardware has, more it is likely that bugs come out and are corrected. Apps on the ipad are not open source but they certainly have way more users than “boutique” hardware. Just using Samplr on the iPad costs way less, Samplr too doesn’t have midi sequencer, midi locks, scenes, but it’s certainly more intuitive and it’s easier to do several types of music. Also if someone wants a sequencer or the other stuff they are not too far away (30 to 50 dollars in more expensive cases).

  3. I dont think it has anything to do with keys… the logo people are speculating on … ..the negative space is around the possible T… have uneven keys.. which isnt how keyboard keys are.. but who knows..
    I think whatever it is… Should be good

  4. If its got keys maybe its an analogue doorbell, like a knocker. Now that would be kool. Take my wallet. Go on, take it, TAKE IT NOW.

  5. Yeah Elektron make some nice boxes, though a little too costly for some. Hope it will be a brand new machine to make music and not some minor release such as firmware update/poly mode for A4, etc.

  6. I would guess an updated machinedrum and/or monomachine. Perhaps in the same unit. Or maybe a keyboard analog four which would be a bit weird since they tried it with the monomachine and decided that it was a bad idea.

  7. I would really love to see an updated monomachine with a sequencer more similar to that of the analog four. Give it more envelopes, better effects, and USB midi.

    Elektron is a real boutique company. Because of the how unique their boxes are, and that it they are not as easy to get a hold of to demo…. I tend to see lots of misinformation about what they do and how they work.

    I own an original monomachine and machinedrum, and an analog four. Before electron, there were ZERO hardware x0x style sequencers with per-step automation of EVERY parameter in the unit. To this day, there is no competition when it comes to easily sequencing your knob tweaks, DAWs included. Say what you will about the actual sound of the units, but the sequencer of those boxes is revolutionary. I can’t wait to see how elektron will build upon their current products. Elektron changed the way I make music. 🙂

  8. The poster seems to hint a keyboard.

    The three white keys with two black keys in between.

    😮 a keyboard integrated synth sequencer?

  9. The machine drum made elektron. with the advances they’ve made with the currently released machines in the sequencers , and power, it seems only fitting that the machine drum line gets updated with an advanced engine and sequencer. I’ve been using the machine drum through all of it’s stages of release, an amazing instrument, but dated in comparison to their currant machines. To revisit the md makes sense, it’s time. But then again you never know. Elektron never disappoints ( the mono though, not a fan, everything else golden 😉 )

  10. I must admit, I never got my head around their machines – even though I always wanted and still want to like them. Maybe, my mind is just too simple for those complex devices’ architecture. Anyway, what really put me off was the rounded buttons design on the Octatrack and the Analog Four. I definitely prefer the light coloured, rectangle look of the Machinedrum and Monomachine. Anyway, that’s only a matter of taste…

  11. Maybe it’s an effects processor with sequencer, or a new monomachine with more FM algorithms and better wavetable engine?

  12. whatever it is they are about to introduce, PLEASE, make the sequencer capable of recording MIDI GATE data in realtime.
    whenever i use my monomachine or octatrack I HATE to be adjusting gates manually on each step, even if i played them correctly from another keyboard or the machine itself

  13. What I want to see is a digital matrix mixer (6×8) with multi effects and a sequencer. Imagine being able to sequence your reverbs, mixes, delays, distortions, filters, flangers all with that elektron interface.

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