SampleMoog Mobile Edition Puts Moog Synths On Your iPhone, iPad

IK Multimedia has announced SampleMoog – Mobile Edition, the latest sound library for SampleTank for iPad and iPhone.

SampleTank is a ‘sound and groove module’ that can be expanded with Downloadable Sound Collections. The latest collection is SampleMoog – Mobile Edition, which features synth sounds from Moog Music.

See the site for details on SampleTank for iPad and iPhone.

13 thoughts on “SampleMoog Mobile Edition Puts Moog Synths On Your iPhone, iPad

    1. There must have been too much excitement over using our new excellent portable speaker iLoud 🙂 Seriously, though, there are audio demos directly on the collection’s page in the SampleTank app’s “Store” section so you can hear them directly there as an option. Hope that helps.

  1. Velocity is a pity on this IK keyboard.
    At least, this is not required for moog sounds.
    IK should have learnt from the Korg Microkey, which is way better.

  2. “really is an amazing…”

    Not. I didn’t check how big it is, but isn’t it much more amazing to have a whole Moog model, that you can edit your self, in your mobile device, than more expensive static recordings that probably eats hundreds of megs space and pray that some of them fit into the project you are playing.

  3. I believe IKM was the first company to really empower an iPhone, by putting SampleTank on it. I saw a demo where there was only a weighted controller and ST in use. The piano was impressively really responsive and full. They have a good reputation for several reasons. Having a rep address our comments is one of them.

    Second, its not as if you can’t land several soft-versions as entire instruments. If that route draws you, buy an Arturia, G-Force or other version. They really do come to within a half-inch of being perfect and for that last half, you’re already “obligated” as a synthesist to effect it into shape yourself. That’s the work and the fun of it.

    Third, if you just want a range of Moog VOICES rather than seeking to be a modular type, this is ideal. Also, what if someone has a soft Mini, but likes the sound well enough to make good use of a grab-&-go option that covers other parts of the family? If you’re smart, you pick & choose carefully so as not to overload your system or repeat functions unduly. If you have an analog jones and the real thing isn’t suiting you for whatever reason, its a worthwhile alternative.

    1. Have to agree – some may want to compare this to imini, but Sampletank is more like a workstation or a hardware sound module, with lots of great features for performers.

  4. I think these iPad synths are great, and analog is great, a real digital hardware synth should be the way to go, as most other audio electronic products are going towards digital. However, if I had a Moog synth, my thought may change.

  5. Much more interested in the long-promised 64 bit version of SampleTank so that I can my use my existing SampleMoog investment with Logic X – any update on that please IK?

  6. I dig the iRig Keys, because if you add it to the iPhone it becomes the poor man’s OP-1! 😀

    However now I think I might need to try the Korg microKEY, particularly since Apple has re-enabled CCK USB support on the iPhone or in iOS 7 (and if they’ve fixed the audio bugs via 7.0.3). I am liking the 37-key form factor because it is the biggest keyboard that fits in my backpack. I just hope it’s made a bit better than the Korg nanoKey and nanoPad, which both died tragic deaths after a few months of use. (My nanoKontrol is still working though, thankfully!)

  7. p.s. Someone needs to tell IK multimedia to enable the iRig Keys to CHARGE the iPhone while you play, the same way you can on the iRig MIDI when you connect the iPhone’s power adapter to the micro USB input on the iRig. It’s wonderful to be able to play as long as you like without having everything grind to a screeching halt because you’re down to 10% power.

  8. SampleTank is a fine sampler, and the moog sounds are surprisingly good…. but I am addicted to synthy synths that you patch from scratch: as soon as I start messing with Cassini or Magellan, everything else is forgotten.

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