DSI Mopho X4 Preset Bundle

metamophosis-dsi-mopho-patchesReader Joki Schaller, aka Zombie Room, has released a preset bundle for DSI MophoX4, Mopho, Mopho SE, Tetra and Prophet ’08.

Here’s what he has to say about the preset library:

This Bundle contains 20 surprising presets: from straight leads to sequenced patterns over to creepy bells. Using all the features (also the unusual) we went into the detail to show what your DSI is able to do: Unexpected waves, stunning patterns and noisy soundscapes. For slow or fast transformations, not only the mod wheel, but aftertouch and pitch bend are mostly assigned.

Here’s the official audio demo:

The patch library is US $10.99 at the Analog Factory site.

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