The Raw Sound Of The MacBeth Nexus Synthesizer

MacBeth Studio Systems’ Ken MacBeth has been developing a new analog synth, the MacBeth Nexus.

Here’s his latest demo of the prototype, exploring the raw sound of the Nexus:

I thought that the last video that I did from the prototype NEXUS project was the last one – but I received comments, and some messages to play the synth without out the built-in tape delay simulator effects! So – here it is.

This must surely be my last demo of the prototype – I’ll be working over the next two days to get this out for factory production next week! Please excuse my random mutterings on this video – if you can hear what I say/explain….then fine! I hope that you enjoy this one……’s a big sound!

See MacBeth’s Facebook page and our previous MacBeth Nexus posts for more info on his new synth.

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