PPG WaveGenerator VST For PC (Sneak Preview)

This video, via PPGWavegenerator, is a sneak preview of the upcoming PPG WaveGenerator VST for PC.

In the video, Stefan Tripper plays the new PPG WaveGenerator VST for PC. All sounds are WaveGenerator except for drums.

PPG WaveGenerator VST is priced at 99 Euro; the ship date is to be announced.

See the Wolfgang Palm site and our previous PPG WaveGenerator posts for more info!

6 thoughts on “PPG WaveGenerator VST For PC (Sneak Preview)

  1. i note that some of the screens look a little different (ring mod on the osc page). i wonder if those will end up in the ios version at some point

  2. Do not judge the software or synthesis software model from a few elementary patches…

    Even though my first tastes of Mini Moog music were… tasty, what else was there to compare to? Nowadays, your iOS and Android Tablets can emulate a minimoog, 2600 or an oberheim in software.

    Part of the joy and fun of playing in this field of synthesis is exploring what sounds and resulting music that you can create with these new tools – and your imagination…

    I have high hope for this PPG WG and what it can do for music in general.

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