MIDI Block For Patchblocks In The Works


Developer Sebastian Heinz let us know that Patchblocks – a new system of programmable synthesizer modules – will be getting a dedicated MIDI module for connecting with other MIDI gear.

Patchblocks is being funded as a Kickstarter project, which is already well beyond its funding goal. 

“We are developing a Midi-block,” says Heinz, “which allows to connect / sync Patchblocks to other MIDI gear.”

Heinz adds that “You could then even use Patchblocks as a portable mini Midi sequencer. ”

In addition, Heinz has released a new Patchblocks demo video, which features Belfast electronic music producer Boxcutter. All sounds in the video have been produced with Patchblocks, except for the guitar, which was processed by them.

8 thoughts on “MIDI Block For Patchblocks In The Works

  1. The goal has been reached pretty fast, but it would be cool to have more ppl experimenting with the patch editor and emulator. This could grow into a fantastic community because of the expansion possibilities of the software (you can create your own “module” blocks with simple C code). Go d/l the editor @ http://patchblocks.com !

  2. – why not just use a Mini Kaoss Pad 2 or korg monotron delay ?

    these Patchblocks are not cheap 369.578 CAD for 8 blocks 🙁
    about `~ $90/ bock

    i would rather have midi to cv or midi out

    1. If you want a ‘canned’ solution, something like the Kaoss Pad makes a lot more sense and will offer you more bang for the buck.

      These are for people that are into the idea of modular synthesis and aren’t interested in ‘cookie cutter’ solutions. For us, $90 for a module that can do all sorts of things is a bargain. The effects modules that Analog Industries has recently introduced are $180 and do just one thing.

    2. At less than $50 CAD each these are a no brainer for me. I’ve been patching in PD and Reaktor for years and have been dreaming of something like this to take my creations outside the computer. Add to that the fact that the io is DC coupled and can do CV (albeit only +/-1v) and you’ve got a completely customizable and patchable digital modular synth. I for one am eagerly awaiting my double rainbow 🙂

    3. Do you have any experience with modular synths or visual sound programming, if you did you would realize patchbocks are whatever you want them to be – even Kaossish if you know what you are doing. But come off it, DELAY????

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