The Emulator Elite DJ System (2014 NAMM Preview)

2014 NAMM Show: Smithson Martin has released a teaser for its upcoming Emulator Elite, the latest generation of their giant touchscreen DJ controllers. 

Here’s what they have to say about the Emulator Elite:

The future of DJ performance comes in one fully integrated performance-ready system. Designed with touring artists in mind, the Emulator ELITE packs the best hardware and software into one single state-of-the-art road case.

Details to come Jan 21, 2014 from the Winter NAMM Show.

13 thoughts on “The Emulator Elite DJ System (2014 NAMM Preview)

    1. BEST purchase we ever made, and yes we did buy one.
      We have played at over 250 events with our 42″ DVS system. The reaction has always been AMAZING. I have been doing this for many years and this is the best piece of DJ equipment I HAVE EVER PURCHASE.

  1. Its a shame such an intriguing surface is being used for only DJing. That’s as much a juggling act as it is musicianship. I’ve heard some great twists and grin-inducing breaks from a few, but its a hybrid activity. I feel like a chameleon looking at it with eyes on different swivels, trying to find the meat and give proper cred. So while I see what an impressive setup it is, I’d want to see a broader use than just this for me to be very enthused. Its the same issue with the Eigenharp. There’s no basic lexicon for it yet, beyond emulations and covers that don’t really make it take off, as I know it could. Using this beast for only DJing should only be the start,

  2. It is basically a touch screen interface, so I guess you can use it for whatever you want, including production or live performance. Yes, the trailer is cheesy as hell and the DJs makes me cringe. But looking past that, it doesn’t look a bad way to interface with software, with a nice large display and all that.

  3. Whenever I see these kind of videos, I think to myself. When does the DJs look at the audience to see what’s really going on? And why is the world so fascinated with what buttons a DJ presses? I understand that you would want to look at Joe Satriani’s fingers flying up and down the guitar, if you are a total guitar nerd, but It’s not like the technical part of DJing is hard, as in: you gotta train year to EQ, add FX and do Volume changes in a DJ software… so – what da hell is going on here, where does this lame fascination of a person pressing a button come from?

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