Juan Blanco – Nuestro Tiempo


Innova has released a new album of music by Juan Blanco (1919-2008), a pioneer of electronic music in Cuba.

Blanco’s work is not well known, but he’s considered the first Cuban composer to explore electroacoustics, spatial music and multimedia works. Nuestro Tiempo offers a retrospective work.

The album features significant works from four decades in Blanco’s career. The works on Nuestro Tiempo are largely electronic, but also feature congas, timbales and saxophone.

The music on Blanco’s album has many similarities with that of his electroacoustic contemporaries, because of the limitations of the technologies of his time. But at times, it seems to leap from the speakers with lively rhythms unique to his Cuban heritage.

If you’re a fan of the electroacoustic tradition of electronic music, Nuestro Tiempo offers a welcome introduction to a little-known pioneer.

Nuestro Tiempo is available via iTunes and Amazon.

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