Solvent Eurorack Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures Jason Amm, aka Solvent, improvising with his Eurorack modular synthesizer. 

Technical details below:

This was all sequenced with an MFB Urzwerg, with 3 channels of CV going into the Modcan: Mix CV, Filter CV, and the key to what you are hearing here, the Delay CV.

Other modules used: Flight Of Harmony IMP, Intellijel Dual ADSR + uVCA, Frequency Central Vogue VCF, Blue Lantern Asteroid BD, batteryACID (I Dream Of Wires edition)

2 thoughts on “Solvent Eurorack Jam

  1. That was sweet. Just hope that Solvent does not fall completely in love with this kind of music and will please his listeners with nice melodies and mysterious cringe-worthy vocoder lyrics 😉

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