Inside The Moog Factory, 1977

moog-factory-1977’s Roger Arrick has shared a great collection of photos of the Moog synthesizer factory in 1977, taken by William Beith.

Beith visited the Moog factory at its Cheektowaga, NY location as part of his work for Gibson Guitars.

The photos are very evocative, because of the both the content and the age of the film. And the pictures capture the factory when some of Moog’s most iconic instruments were in production. 

Beith notes, “There were no restrictions placed on my ability to photograph, which resulted in pictures that include the R&D process. The Polymoog was in production. R&D efforts were underway for what would eventually become the Memorymoog.”

See the full set and let us know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Inside The Moog Factory, 1977

  1. I was still a youngster. I swear that looks like my 55 but then they all look alike,aye?

    All the cars in the parking lot look like working class going to work cars for people who aren’t expecting to get rich and are making a living. Times change.

    What’s depressing is that there was then little factories everywhere in all the big and little cities and towns across America making good things filled with working class cars just like those. Times change.

    Moog Music still does it! They still take pride building an excellent product. Some things remain.

    We all know what we need to do.

  2. Love the vintage shots of those classic modulars, and the prototype sketches taped to the walk! Memories of what was and what might have been.

    1. I used to work there back in 1975. I visited there again recently as I remember the murals on the walls that were hand made and wanted to get some pics before the “big box” Walmart tears it down. Too bad I only found a few from the office and shipping depts. I remember a giant one in the manufacturing dept. , but now there is a bare cement block wall. Someone took it down and either destroyed it or sold it at the flea market.

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