Holiday Deals For Electronic Musicians 2013

It’s that time of year again – time for holiday electronic music gear deals!

These companies are offering gear or software specials for the holidays. Note that these are limited-time specials, check out the sites for details:

  1. 8dio – Black Week discounts of up to 40% through Dec 1
  2. AAS is offering 50% off synths, sounds & bundles Nov 29-Dec 2
  3. Ableton is offering 20% all Ableton software
  4. ADSR – 25% discount off all our products through Nov 30th
  5. Akai has discounts on its LPK & LPD controllers through Dec 2nd
  6. Amazon has a bunch of Black Friday deals and holiday specials
  7. Ample Sound has announced a Winter Sale promotion, offering a 20% discount through Jan 1.
  8. Analog Factory 25% off through Dec 1st
  9. Arturia – through December 31st, buy a MiniBrute or SparkLE and get free gifts; VCollection at 50% off
  10. Audio Mind Project – 25% off everything until January 7, 2014!
  11. Audio Thing is having Holiday Sale through the end of December.
  12. AudioWiesel – is having a sale on its Hammered Acoustic Guitar (Kontakt 5 library)
  13. Beatport – offering a free Sounds of the Season sound library
  14. Best Service – prices up to 70% off
  15. Big Fish Audio is celebrating the holidays with a 25 Days of Christmas Sale.
  16. Binary Music – half price through Jan 1.
  17. Bitword – All Products are 40% off until Saturday November 30th 2013. At checkout enter the coupon code FALL2013.
  18. Bleep Labs is offering $5 off any order of $55 or more through Dec 1st
  19. Blue Cat Audio – save up to 25% through Dec 31st
  20. Cakewalk is offering holiday specials of up to 50% off
  21. Chuck Russom FX – 50% off through Nov 30th
  22. Cinematique Instruments is having a Christmas Sale, offering a 24% discount.
  23. D16 Group – 30% off through Jan 1, user ‘winter2013’ coupon, see the site for details
  24. detunized is offering 33% off
  25. discoDSP is having an end of 2013 sale, through Jan 3, save 40%
  26. Elektron – Until December 13th, 10% discounts on the Analog Four, Octatrack, Machinedrum UW, and Monomachine.
  27. Exponential Audio is having a Holiday Sale, starting Nov 29th
  28. FabFilter – is offering 25% off through Jan 1
  29. FXpansion is having a Black Friday Sale through Dec 31st, with some BFD discounts
  30. Gobbler – 50% off online backup plans through Dec 2nd
  31. Heavyocity – 50% OFF store wide sale through Dec 9
  32. Hex Loops – through Nov 29, buy one get one free
  33. Icebreaker Audio bundles are 50% off the original price through Dec 1st
  34. IK Multimedia is offering 50% off its software titles.
  35. Image Line is offering 40% off all FL Studio Editions, Upgrades & FL Studio Gift Certificates and 70% off with the All Plugins Bundle, through Jan 3rd.
  36. Impact Soundworks – offering a bundle of their entire Reason ReFill catalog for $99 (72% off list price)
  37. Inear Display – Get 50% off any purchase until Sunday, by entering the following code at checkout : upupdowndownleftrightleftrightba
  38. K-Devices is offering 40% through Dec 1st
  39. KiloHearts is offering 30% through the end of Dec.
  40. Koma Elektronic – offering offering up to 50 EUR off on their pedals and free shipping on the Kommander
  41. Kong Audio – 20% off, though Jan 17, on their Big Winds Pack
  42. Korg – offering mail in rebates on select products through Jan 31st; 50% off iOS Apps & Korg Legacy Collection through Jan 1.
  43. KV331 Audio is having a Thanksgiving Sale through Dec 3rd with 50% off
  44. Leap Into The Void – up to 50% off bundles
  45. Liine is offering 50% of Lemur though Jan 19.
  46. Loop Loft – 40% off everything on Black Friday through Dec 2nd, use discount code


  47. Loopmasters is having sale with up to 50% off
  48. Lucid Samplers – Over 200 MB free samples
  49. McDSP – up to 50% off through Dec 8th
  50. Minimal Systems – offering a 50% off all its plug-ins and sound packs through Dec 2nd.
  51. Moog has cut prices on Animoog for iPhone & iPad and Filtatron, and is offering 10% off hardware purchases at its site. Orders over $250 will also receive a free EP-3 Expression Pedal. This offer will end at Midnight EST on Monday, December 2nd.
  52. Musician’s Friend – offering Black Friday discounts up to 88%
  53. Native Instruments is offering freebies and discounts during its High Octane Holidays sale.
  54. New Sonic Arts – throughout December, get Granite and Nuance for 39 Euro each
  55. Plug In Alliance – is running a different deal every day through XMas.
  56. Prime Loops – offering a 50% discount on all its sample packs and presets through Dec 2nd.
  57. Propellerheads is offering up to 50% off on Black Friday
  58. PureMix is offering discounts on their music training through Dec 4th
  59. Recabinet – 40% off on Black Friday
  60. reFX Audio Software – purchase the complete Hollywood 2 bundle before December 1st and get one free Nexus2 expansion
  61. Resonance Sound is offering up to 50% off, Nov 28th through Dec 2nd
  62. Retronyms has cut prices for several in-app Tabletop purchases by 50%
  63. Reveal Sound has Spire synthesizer discounted through Nov 30th
  64. Rob Papen – 25% off with coupon code “inspire”
  65. Sample Anatomy – 50% off sample packs on Black Friday
  66. Samplephonics – save up to 85%, see the site for details.
  67. Sonic Couture – having a Christmas sale with up to 40% off, or buy one get one free, through Dec 31
  68. Sonic Projects is offering ‘its best deals ever’ through Dec 28.
  69. Sonivox is offering up to a 50% discount on three of their virtual instruments through Dec 2nd.
  70. Sonnox – 40% off plugins and bundles through Dec 2nd
  71. Sonokinetic is having a 12 Days Of Christmas sale.
  72. Sound Ideas is offering 50% off
  73. Sound Toys – having a Hot And Heavy Holidays sale through Dec 24
  74. Soundiron is offering up to 50% off
  75. Sweetwater is having an 8 Days of Black Friday sale, with discounts up to 83%.
  76. Synthrotek is offering 40%-50% off on kits through Dec 2nd
  77. Teenage Engineering – 15% off everything
  78. The Unfinished is having a Thanksgiving Sale, use the discount code DUTCHBABY to get up to 33% off
  79. Time+Space is offering Holiday Deals with prices up to 70% off
  80. ToneBytes is having a Fall Sale from Nov 6 to Dec 6 with prices up to 50% off
  81. Twisted Tools – Black Friday sale, save 25%, see the site for details.
  82. Universal Audio is having a Holiday Sale, with up to 60% off, through Dec 31st.
  83. VirtuaSonic – buy one get one free through Jan 6th
  84. WaaSoundLab – 30% off through Dec 31, see the site for details.
  85. Wave Alchemy is offering up to 50% off through Jan 17th
  86. Waves Sound is offering Renaissance Bass as a free download, signup required
  87. WaveDNA is offering deals through Dec 2 up to 50% off
  88. Westgate Sounds – Anomaly VSTi at a 40% discount – only $90 until Nov. 30th.
  89. Yamaha – 50% off iOS apps are half price through Jan 6th.

Note: Heartwarming holiday illustration from Rob Meurer’s album Synth For Christmas.

40 thoughts on “Holiday Deals For Electronic Musicians 2013

    1. so its this black friday thing, so ya i’ll go with it too! If you don’t know my samplepacks, check the synthesis area on my site for details:

      Samplepacks deal:
      Faxi’s Formula Two Sample pack (normally 15e)
      Faxi’s Sample Stash V1 (normally 5e)
      + cut-words samplepack – unreleased, unsold, friends only normally!!!!!
      GRAB NOW FOR 10e total!!!

      1. are you sure? i haven’t been able to get on to their site all day but they sent out an email saying komplete and komplete ultimate were 50% off!

          1. I would get it but the website seemed to say only a boxed version is available…the only new thing from K8 is Monarch, Battery 4 and those EQs…do I really have to get that gigantic effing box shipped to me for that? Hell, I don’t even want Battery just Monarch and the EQS.

            1. I got following information from NI site : “The special offer is not valid on full versions of KOMPLETE 9 and KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE, accessories, bags, or NI Wear, KOMPLETE AUDIO 6, GUITAR RIG 5 KONTROL, RIG KONTROL, ACTION STRIKES, KINETIC METAL, LAZER DICE, RESONANT BLAZE.Not valid on TRAKTOR products except for TRAKTOR PRO 2 and TRAKTOR DJ for iPad and iPhone. iMASCHINE and TRAKTOR DJ are available from the Apple App Store. All other offers apply to the NI Online Shop only. ” So, I think the informatioin I gave earlier was correct.

  1. I am SO BUMMED that Waves didn’t even include the Waves SSL Bundle in their sales. That’s just plain mean, almost all the bundles are on sale, EXCEPT the SSL. What is that all about?

  2. oh boy, just made the worst black friday purchase…for some reason i turned down the 1st gen ipad mini for $250 for a 2013 nexus 7 for $240…why oh why did i do such a thing…there are music apps for this thing right? RIGHT? I bought it because like my trusty old Archos tablet that croaked last month I thought it would have a micosd and file browser and all that nice Androidy openess…screw that, no sd slot and to do anything you have to be logged into an NSA, err, I mean Google account. Wow, so much buyers remorse right now…as somebody who looks at Synthtopia 20 times a day I should have known better, I really should have…sigh…

  3. Heavyocity Media is also having a HUGE 50% OFF store wide sale through Dec 9 on products like AEON Collection, DAMAGE, Evolve, Evolve Mutations 1 & 2!

    “Throughout December, get Granite and Nuance for just $49 each!”
    Which is great, as I was looking to pick up Nuance one day.

  5. 50% OFF AURIA IAP!!!!
    Tomorrow, December 5th, WaveMachine Labs will be holding a one-day sale on all in-app purchases for Auria, including plugins from PSP, Fabfilter, FXpansion, and more. Loop packages from Hollywood Loops, as well as IR Files, Gog Files, and Multitrack Loops from MoReVoX will be on sale, too.

    The sale also includes the upgrade from Auria LE to the full Auria feature set, which will be available for $12.99.

    Happy Holidays!

    WaveMachine Labs

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