DIY Synth Kit Lets You Build A Lo-Fi Synth In About An Hour


Here’s a new preview for the Technology Will Save Us DIY Synth Kit:

The kit includes all of the components you need to build a lo-fi synthesizer/noise generator, including the 556 Integrated Circuit, jumper wires and prototyping breadboard, as well as a speaker to create your very own DIY Synth.

Once constructed and the battery is connected, the circuit creates stable square waves. Using two control potentiometers, you can alter the waves’ frequency and width, which gives you an array of noises.

The DIY Synth Kit is available for £15 (incl VAT) at the Technology Will Save Us site.

11 thoughts on “DIY Synth Kit Lets You Build A Lo-Fi Synth In About An Hour

  1. There are so many kits just like this out there, I seriously cannot fully respect anything with a 555/556 core that regards itself as a “synth,” that is my largest dispute with the Paia Fatman.

  2. The difference between this and a synth or a Fatman is that it’s just a couple oscillators, one modulating the other.
    To be a true synth (according to long-held definitions) one must have a way of shaping a sound (envs) and usually at least one filter.
    This kit has no filter, no envs, no vca.
    If synths were cars, this “synth kit” is closer to a bicycle.

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