6 thoughts on “EMS Synthi Technical Overview

  1. Ditto, Keith. We heart clarity around here. I learned two totally new things about the synth that clarified a grey area and the sound demos really showed how it helped to define Hawkwind’s sound, IMO. Nice job.

    As to re-issuing this as new hardware, I think a lot of purists would sh*t a brick because of the compromises that would be required due to parts availability. I’m sure it could be recreated for the most part, but it would surely remain a boutique item. Analog gear demands analog prices. I don’t think anyone would carp if a new one refined that 3rd oscillator and added a digital FX block downstream of the final signal. Its a fine instrument as-is, but buffing the hood wouldn’t hurt.

    Personally, I have no problem respecting most of the design decisions in newer emulative synths, because they have virtually the same squirt-power as the earlier ones. What a great era in which to be synth-daffy.

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