The Heineken Scenthesizer – ‘Music Will Never Smell The Same’

scent-delivery-systemHeineken and scent marketing firm AllSense have teamed up to create one of the strangest DJ accessories we’ve seen – the Scenthesizer.

With the Scenthesizer, the two claim to be ‘pushing boundaries in music and scent’.

In a nutshell, the system allows on-the-fly mixing of scents, which are then delivered on cue into the audience. The idea is to take DJing, which already incorporates sound and light, and add controlled scents to the experience.

Here’s the official intro video for the project:

We’re not convinced that ‘scenthesis’ has a future in the DJ world – but possibly in Eno-style ambient art installations.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the idea of ‘scenthesis’!

14 thoughts on “The Heineken Scenthesizer – ‘Music Will Never Smell The Same’

  1. Metal smells like stale cigarettes and beer, D&B smells like hot peppers, House smells like cotton candy, Acid smells like burning circuit boards, Dubstep smells like weed smoke, and Rap smells like diesel fumes.

  2. Me and my band have been dispensing scents to our audiences for years. It adds a really earthy dimension.

    A really favorite is “unmasticated legume”.

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