PPG WaveGenerator Plugin Now Available As AU

ppg-wavegenerator-au-logic-pro-garagebandWolfgang Palm has updated PPG WaveGenerator, adding AU support for Apple Logic Pro X and Garageband.

The new single installer includes both Mac and PC installers with VST for PC and VST and AU for Mac.

Other changes in this version include:

  • Export iPad file name error\
  • Save WTS – names checking, including the SND file names

Here’s a demo video featuring the VST version:

Palm notes that the current demo version does not include the AU plugin, but this should be available in a few days.

PPG Wavegenerator for Mac & Windows is available for 99 Euro.

If you’ve used it, leave a comment with your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “PPG WaveGenerator Plugin Now Available As AU

  1. Awesome & tempting! I gradually realized that I was getting diminishing returns by trying to make use of too many instruments, at the cost of lowered familiarity with their individual strengths. Trimming it down to a solid, regularly-used handful helped immensely. This is one synth I’d say was worthy of a similar time investment as a central tool. It has some serious pluses in the form of vertical flexibility if you’re willing to program a bit more. Besides, its a PPG. You know its going to stand flat-footed and speak well. I encourage you to think about a new piece the way I learned to do: are you willing to take the time to create at least two personalized patch sets from the presets? If so, by the time you’re finished, you’ll be able to grab-&-go in a way that’ll reward the hell out of you. If you’re seriously looking for a flexible go-to type of instrument, here’s one for the short list.

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