12 thoughts on “Kill The Robot Demos Novation LaunchKey Mini

  1. Not exactly my cup of tea, but that was way better than I was expecting. Reminded me of The New Deal.

    Still not buying one though

  2. Do you think this is aimed for the hobbyist, for the pro?…I mean if it was made for “play live”, I would like to have real size keys (since you know…lumens are always pretty low on the stage) ..also, it is for the studio…mmhhh still too small….unless you want to “play’ if you are flying…dont get me wrong…it has the minimum required and it looks fine…but i’m just curious…thoughts?

  3. Great groove, and I was waiting for the synth line to shoot up an octave or two.
    I am one of the hardware peopel who are watching my mates buying endless controllers , The money they are shelling out could have bought decent synths.
    I can’t criticise the music here and again novation are a great company . I have a KS4 rack. It is a stunning synth.

  4. I don’t need another controller but I got to say, Novation always make demo videos with people performing and it’s quite enjoyable.
    Thank god they stopped putting encoder on their cheap controller, nocturn was the worst 50€ I’ve ever spent…it worked decently for one month.

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