One thought on “Sampling Jam – Music From A Street Noise

  1. What a great piece! The only element its “missing” is the same thing a lot of such works lack: more contrast. One reason this composition works for me is that it brought a soaring lead line to mind, to dance around and over the percussion. Everything else in it is already working. Its breathes better than the usual beat-based fare. Just consider that the beat alone doesn’t really constitute the full potential of a piece and that a few chords or bass jabs aren’t complete melodies. A LOT of e-music sounds like construction kit demos with 3 tracks missing. Don’t just wear a Kaoss pad around your neck and claim “that’s the style.” Pull out one of those nice monosynths and play a line more or less the same way a singer would handle it. Suddenly, a lot of sometimes subtle things will fall into place. Its like that pinch of salt in a cake. You miss it if its not there. Just a side thought about Kirill’s great piece of city-speak.

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