Using BIAS Amp Modeling With Synths

Guitarists, because there are just so many of ’em, get a lot of attention from both hardware and software developers. But, just because gear or software is designed for guitarists doesn’t mean that you can’t make interesting use of it with synths!

In this video, Discchord’s Tim Webb takes a look at Positive Grid’s new BIAS Amps, one of the more versatile amp-modeling applications released for iOS.

“It’s an iPad app for designing custom guitar amps,” notes Webb, “but I’ve been having a lot of fun running synths through it instead! Here’s a video demonstrating that, with some tips on how to make a synth still sound like a synth, on the other end of this madness.”

If you’ve used BIAS, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

3 thoughts on “Using BIAS Amp Modeling With Synths

  1. Great work, Tim. Really helpful. It is often valuable to use those kinds of tools in ways that go beyond their intended domain.

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