The Motion Synth For iPhone Fully Funded

The-motion-synth-iphoneThe Motion Synth – a hardware/software combo designed to turn an iPhone into a wearable musical instrument – has passed its Kickstarter project funding goals.

The AUUG Motion Synth (pronounced ‘aug’ as in ‘augment’) consists of three components; the AUUG grip, the AUUG app, and the AUUG cloud.

Here’s a video demo of The Motion Synth in action, being used to control a violin patch:

See the project site for details.

2 thoughts on “The Motion Synth For iPhone Fully Funded

  1. It’s easy to criticize someone when you didn’t come up with the idea or raise over $70,000 yourself. Sure sending MIDI is a trivial task nowadays, but I would like to see you develop that entire app in 4 hours. I bet you can’t.

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