MiniMoog Style iPad Controller



Inevitable Crafts shared this design for a Minimoog-style iPad MIDI controller.Β 

It’s in the proof-of-concept stage, and the plan is to base it on inexpensive, readily available components, including anΒ Akai LPK8, a Behringer 202 sounccard and various plugs and connectors and birch wood from Home Depot.

We’re looking forward to seeing this in action. In the meantime, check out the design and let us know what you think!

via Inevitable Crafts

18 thoughts on “MiniMoog Style iPad Controller

  1. What a clever idea!

    I can understand their choice of the Akai for the keyboard, but I think the Korg MicroKey would have been a better choice. Better response and has a joy stick with a push-switch controller (i.e. three controllers)

    If that front bit is just a tray it wouldn’t matter.

    1. Good point, it would need something pretty high-end inside if it’s going to process audio as well as send midi – which by the looks of the plugs, it is going to attempt.

    1. LoL….If you want knobs and the analog feel….and you have the resources…. well…just get an analog synth…I’m sure for the contempt of your comment…that if you cut a lil the SB lattes for a couple of months you can get a real MM easily….I’m just say’n

    2. THATS TRUE, but the thing is it was meant as breakout box so the keyboard should be as small and cheap as possible.

      i will make a second one with for a regular ipad and a line6 25-keys keyboard or a similar one that hast mod wheels.

      i thought about buying a doepfer wheels electronic but thats 40 bucks and thats to much for a project like that, the wood already cost me 40 bucks and the alai 38 bucks and i still need an audio interface that fits in ^^

      i think i will build it around an iconnect midi next time πŸ™‚

    1. I’m not sure that the word ‘pretending’ is an accurate assessment of what these guys do. Personally, I think it’s a great idea to assign a knob per function to a soft synth. Seems like a dream come true to me.

    2. wow thats great !

      never said i re-invented the week though i didn’t know that particular one, its snowing in europe and its cold, i need something to do πŸ˜‰

      go, buy some wood and build better stuff πŸ™‚

  2. Reading about this made me think of Hawkwind’s Tim Blake. He would have been all over tools like this and made ’em rock.

    The form of it is too restrictive for my tastes, but not by much. This would make for a great added synth above your main controller(s). I can’t see depending totally on a pad for every need, but as a module, its beginning to come around.

  3. @Tvirus: there will be no price as iam building this for fun πŸ˜‰

    i just wanted to build a breakout box that gives me stereo symmetrical line in and out and a USB host, and i don’t like the offerings from alexis and behringer.

    just thought it would be more fun to build it in minimoog style and the lpk8 is the smallest cheapest “playable” keyboard around that has no co controllers.

    also i have a few monotrons laying around from other projects so i thought why not put an analog filter behind all those emulations …. tadaa, weekend project

    its not meant to be commercial AT ALL, i put up the blueprints and everything, btw i bought the wood today πŸ™‚

  4. Everyone is complaining about it needing this or that, but they didn’t even read the article. He is building something for himself that meets his specific needs. If you want mod wheels and knobs, then use his template and build your own to suit your specific needs.

    Cool project! I look forward to seeing the completed version.

    1. i just slided the ipad in, its connected via lightning to USB cable and a USB HUB thats in the inside.

      I never finished it, its still at my basement and waiting πŸ™‚
      Shortly afterwards i bought a Soundcraft iPad doc, and never had the need for a dock like i made πŸ™‚

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