Yamaha Acquires Line 6


Yamaha Corporation and Line 6 today announced an agreement for Yamaha to acquire Line 6. The acquisition expands Yamaha’s portfolio of modeling guitar processing products as well as pro-audio equipment.

Line 6 has a wide portfolio of electronic music products, including POD multi-effect processors, digital effects, guitar amplifiers, modeling guitars, a range of professional instrument and microphone digital wireless systems, digital live sound mixers, speakers, as well as iOS interfaces.

Under the terms of the agreement, Yamaha will operate Line 6 as a wholly owned subsidiary, with Line 6’s operations continuing as before and its management team remaining in place.

4 thoughts on “Yamaha Acquires Line 6

  1. I have a line 6 echo pro, It is a good unit. Strymons big sky has re invented the reverb, Lets hope Yamaha /line 6 comes up with some great new effects boxes.

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