Giorgio Moroder Never ‘The Discoteque Guy’

Electronic dance music pioneer Giorgio Moroder is featured in this week’s Weekend Edition on NPR.

In the interview, Moroder share’s his first experiences with the Moog modular synthesizer and more.

“I was in love with an album by Wendy Carlos called Switched-on Bach, which was all done by synthesizers. And I found a German classical composer who had a big Moog modular synthesizer. I asked him if I could listen to what the synthesizer would do, and he played me a low note for about five minutes. It was a great sound, but not exactly what I wanted to hear.”

“So when he left, I asked an engineer to give me some of the sounds, and he played me some of the basses and the string sounds and the oboe sounds. It was absolutely amazing, and I thought, ‘This is my instrument. That’s what I want.'”

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